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Type Animation Inspiration

April 17, 2013 - Posted in Inspiration , Motion Design Posted by:

Here are some other great typographic animations. Lets break them down in class and see if we can identify what typefaces, and what principals of animation are at work in each.

This one is directly like what we will do.

Karloff, convergence of beauty and ugliness from Thibault de Fournas on Vimeo.

An animated analysis of Futura

FUTURA LE SPECIMEN ANIME from Thibault de Fournas on Vimeo.

An animated typeface.

Moshun from Jeroen Krielaars on Vimeo.

Words as image.

Here is a great example of Identity within Motion Design. These guys are amazing.

C(BRANDING)L from Oficina on Vimeo.

C(IDENTS)L from Oficina on Vimeo.


Intro for a typographic film festival. Cool use of real objects and stop motion.

Typophile Film Festival 5 Opening Titles from Brent Barson on Vimeo.

Here’s an info-graphic animation about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Oil’d from Chris Harmon on Vimeo.

Here’s a blog belonging to Dan Savage, a great animator and designer. Just check out his process. Sheesh!

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