What is a sketchbook good for?

This semester we will be teaching you all about the creative process. We want you all to have the skills required to be creative on demand and to make the most out of every idea you have. This is not magic. There is a methodical process that can be employed in order to cultivate creative ideas.

Central to this process is your sketchbook. By documenting as much of your thinking as you can, you will be better able to collect and survey your ideas. Breadcrumbs through the forest. It will also serve as a valuable tool for us to see how you are working. Because of this it will be very important to develop the habit of documenting what work you do, what experiences you have, what things you are into. Write in it, draw in it, glue tickets, labels or other pieces of ephemera into it. Keep it by your bed to write down dreams, take it on the train to doodle while traveling. Make it a part of your body.