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App prototyping tools

If you would like to mock up functionality in your mashup application, there are some tools which can allow you to do this fairly easily. You can even make the prototypes directly in the phone. Popapp lets you take photos of paper sketches and create a linked, multi-page prototype that you can click through. This […]

Mashup Inspiration

Here are some nice mashup concepts that I have collected over the past couple of years. Some are quite artistic and others are just silly. yooouuutuuube Chrome Experiment/ ConcertMatch Youtube Doubler Breakfast NY Wheel Of Lunch/ Spell with Flickr Text to Speech to Speech Soundwich


Interesting Data Sources

In our quest to create the Next Big Thing, we will leverage data sources which already exist. Here are some interesting things to look into to spark your imagination. There are many more out there so don’t let this list limit your conceptual exploration. Mashape Mashape is a cool new platform which allows developers an […]


What’s a Mashup?

Here’s the quote from wikipedia: A mashup, in web development, is a web page, or web application, that uses content from more than one source to create a single new service displayed in a single graphical interface. For example, you could combine the addresses and photographs of your library branches with a Google map to create a map mashup.[1] The […]