Interesting Data Sources

In our quest to create the Next Big Thing, we will leverage data sources which already exist. Here are some interesting things to look into to spark your imagination.

There are many more out there so don’t let this list limit your conceptual exploration.


Mashape is a cool new platform which allows developers an easy way to create and host a new API. Many of the APIs in the directory are free, and some are paid. See what they’ve got on offer, and how you might combine them to create something new.

And some suggestions from their team.


The inescapable fact of our lives today.

Checkout the Graph API


Google has tons of products and most have an API. Here are a few handy ones.







Twitter is a great source for information about what people are talking about. It’s API lets you search for certain words, get tween from certain users, and many other things.

Twitter API


Foursquare is a long standing database of restaurants, and nightlife venues. It’s API gives you access to venue ratings, calendars of events, comments from previous visitors, and also lets you add any of these things from your app.

foursquare api

Open Library

With the goal of creating a webpage for every single book ever written this will become an amazing resource for literary data.

Open Library API

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