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12 Principals of Animation

Here are the 12 principals of Animation as developed by Disney animators in the 1930s.


Storyboarding Ideas

Storybaord image from Gone with the Wind
What is a storyboard?
Once a concept or script is written for a film or animation, the next step is to make a storyboard. A storyboard visually tells the story of an animation panel by panel, kind of like a comic book. Your storyboard will should convey some of the following information:

  • What charaters are in the frame, and how are they moving?
  • What are the characters saying to each other,…

Roughing in an Animation

This video shows the process of building a complete animation, and shows how sometimes lots of motion is not needed to convey emotion, or build empathy with a character.

Zine Inspiration

So what is a Zine?

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say:

zine (play/ˈzn/zeen; an abbreviation of fanzine, or magazine) is most commonly a small circulation publication of original or appropriated texts and images. More broadly, the term encompasses any self-published work of minority interest usually reproduced via photocopier.


The Evolution of the Font

Moscow British Higher School of Art and Design students’ course work  - Typography research / Masha Minina, Dasha Bazan, Andrey Vasiliev, Sema Kirilin.



Thinking with type

Here is great resource for you to learn about type

About Sketching

Some people are afraid of showing their drawing to others. They think they’ll be ridiculed if their sketch looks like it was drawn by a five-year old.

In truth, it doesn’t matter if you are good at sketching. The less formal the sketch, the better. In fact, avoid the urge to use a pencil as it leaves too much room for you to ponder, erase, re-draw, second-guess…

But a permanent marker, now you’re talking. A nice big, fat Sharpie is the perfect…

Choose the right font

A graphic guide to choosing the right font. Click on the picture to see a bigger version.


Type Anatomy

Here is a collection of type anatomy pictures for you to learn.

Click on each picture to see bigger version.